Mens 2 vs Rickmansworth 1

10 December 2023 | Matthew Rees
Mens 2 vs Rickmansworth 1

A forecasted wet Saturday morning for our Magnificent Men's 2s did nothing to darken the mood of a strong looking line up put out under the stewardship of Captain Jack Russell. The 2s have had a tough season to date with an inconsistent line up from week to week, not helped by injury to our "Man of Steele" and a rouge shown to the calmest natured player in the club.

Still we were buoyant mood as we lined up, "Jason I want a hat-trick from you today" I called as we faced their push back, the game starts and we set off like a released greyhound. Swarming over Rickmansworth with such intensity you could tell they were uncomfortable, it didn't take us long to find our way into the D via Freddie and Henry on the right flank. Their keeper made a save, and then a superb turning v-drag and backspace shot from Jason and he's a third of the way there to his hat-trick target.

Twos 1 - 0 Rickmansworth

One goal up and we were clearly on top, Dominating the play and having chances, it felt like surely we were going to get the next score. A breakaway attack came out of nowhere, outpaced our defence and slotted home.

Twos 1 - 1 Rickmansworth

Against the run of play, fine we'll survive. What we don't need is a signalled for 16 altered to a long corner, allowing Rickmansworth to catch us unawares as our midfield set for the 16. Three passes and Ross Cato in goal was left no chance in stopping from close range.

We enjoyed so much possession on the pitch, on two occasions Jack decided why not try and enjoy possession off the pitch as well? He decides to demonstrate for the 1000s in the crowd watching what a sharp left turn can and should look like. Just a shame at left back if you do this you end dribbling over the sideline.

Twos 1 - 2 Rickmansworth

Into the halftime break we again were on top, Henry Amos finding space round the back and causing general discomfort among the Rickmansworth defence. Nate supplied pace in attack as well as beating player for fun. We had numerous short corners, Reesy was even allowed a drag flick which the keeper must have had olympic gymnast training in order to stop such an excellent bullet of an effort. Fraser was found at another shorty and nearly controlled the ball at the injector's post.

At half time the message from Captain Jack "we need to put the ball in the goal". We all nodded in agreement that indeed this should be the objective of the day.

As the second half got underway, another breakaway attack for Rickmansworth ended up in our D, Jack true to his message at half time opts to show the strikers how to do it and produce a deft touch around an unsuspecting Ross in goal. I honestly had just assumed he meant put the ball into THEIR goal.

Twos 1 - 3 Rickmansworth

Such a frustrating scoreline for how this game had developed. Kevin Moxham in defence decides it time to go on a couple of random walks with the ball out of defence, but generally had been a head of experience at the back accompanying Ben and Cameron.

Adrian was a commanding (see what i did there?) presence at centre mid with Shaun and JB contributing to our dominance that wasn't reflected in the score.

More pressure led to more attacks. Reesy flicked the ball at the goal, their defender opts to use his patella to stop the inevitable goal. We form a shorty, Moxham finds FT/Shaun at the post and finally we get our second.

Twos 2 - 3 Rickmansworth

More attacks, more pressure. Jason goes close. Freddie has a golden opportunity on his reverse stick which was easier to score than miss... and manages to miss! Another flicked attempt hits a player on the line in the torso. Penalty flick awarded. Reesy wants to play rock paper scissors with Henry for it but Henry's face is like when Gandalf faces the Balrog.

Up Henry steps to the spot, sends the keeper one way with his eyes, half connects with the ball and we collectively watch the ball dribble over the line.

Full Time: Twos 3 - 3 Rickmansworth.

We played with a great intensity in a game where we were unlucky to on two counts: we could easily have scored more than 3 and the fact we conceded as many as 3 was a tad harsh.

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